Working Capital: What is it and How to Use it in My Business?

Working Capital: What is it and How to Use it in My Business?


When undertaking a business, it is necessary to be aware of some concepts and market trends such as working capital.

Often, an entrepreneur is so involved in the continuity of their business and ends each day so tired that it is very unlikely that they will focus on concepts or trends that can help the company financially.

This is often the case when it comes to working capital, which has as its main objective to face any economic emergency without the company having to declare bankruptcy.

What is it?


According to expert accountants at the definition of working capital is the ability of a company or business to carry out its normal activities in the short term and is calculated as the remaining assets in relation to short-term liabilities. What do we mean by this? Well, the so-called current assets are the most important expenses in any company, because without them it would be impossible to operate.

For example, the acquisition of merchandise, the payment of payroll, fixed assets such as furniture, computer equipment, investments, among others, are part of this definition.

In the case of liabilities, we refer to payments that a business must make in a period equal to or less than one year; however, short-term debts enter the group of current liabilities.

The relationship between current assets and current liabilities with working capital is that it depends on the volume of current assets of the company.

Working capital is positive when the company has more assets than debts to liquidate in the short term, while it can be negative when the opposite is true, which does not mean that the company is in bankruptcy or has to stop paying debts, but it’s time to take action on the matter.

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As we mentioned earlier, the ideal is that current assets are greater than the company’s current liabilities; however, it can happen in any company that, due to an unusual situation, the short-term debts surpass the capital that is available.

This is the reason why the first recommended action is to go to the sale of fixed assets. If this action is unlikely to result in a positive working capital, another possibility is to seek a loan from one of the many online companies, which saves the arduous process of going to one or more financial institutions in order to get convenient funding.

With online lending companies, the only important steps are to send the relevant data requested by the site and respond to any specific questions about your business so that the lending company can evaluate how best to help you in the long term with working capital.


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