What is Litigation? What are the Tactics and Strategy

What is Litigation? What are the Tactics and Strategy

Litigation is the method of bringing in the court to implement a specific right. It is also an act of bringing in to the court to resolve the issue between the two parties before it proceeds for the court.

It has been a common belief that litigation is another name of the lawsuit. However, that is not the case, and it includes the number of activities before and after the suit. Besides, actual trial, facilitation, appeals and so much more is involved in the litigation process.

To achieve the best possible outcome, it is essential to have a well-planned strategy. These strategies and tactics play a vital role in the litigation.

In this blog, today we are going to share with you some tactics and strategy. Besides, it would be best if you discussed it with your attorney so that she or he is able to help you out.

Tactics And Strategies

  1. Find out the weakness of your opponent. Their attitude towards the risk and the resources they use in tackling with the problems. It is much important to understand the psychology of your opponent. However, also check the factual information. Never assume that the opposite party has any funds to meet the settlement or any other costs.
  2. Offers of settlement during litigation are one of the most crucial strategies that every attorney recommends. But if the case has already proceeded on its way to the court then agreement is not an ideal option.
  3. Whenever you are involved in litigation always, think about the costs. Once the case is gone for the trial, then it is going to be costly thereby making it difficult to settle.
  4. Another important tactic to follow during litigation is to look out for a technically legal point on which the lawyer can argue.
  5. Sometimes, it is the best way to consider a strategic application through court in the form of summary judgment to remove the defense or the claims. Though it’s very costly if it works out then, the dispute can end in an instant.
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