Top 10 Areas to Rent in London

Top 10 Areas to Rent in London

Whether you are looking for in-of-town or out-of-town locations to rent, there are dozens of beautiful neighbourhoods in London that you could call home. This 21st-century city has a lot to offer from its wide variety of properties you could rent today. Whether you are a student looking for student residences and rooms, a young professional looking for a suitable apartment or if you want to settle in a stunning house, you can find an array of properties for rent well scattered all across the vast city of London.

Depending on your preference, there are many areas to choose from and with Draker Lettings, you get the peace of mind you deserve with proper and convenient handling of your deposits by London letting agents, giving you an overall smooth tenancy agreement process.

Brook Green.

This is one of the most affordable places to rent in London. The peace and quiet of the neighbourhood and secluded parks and gardens are the perfect ambiences for a settler who wants to get away from the hassle of living in an in-of-town are.

It links easily to Central London with a reliable short route. As if that is not enough, the local shopping centre has restaurants, cafés and shops enough to serve the whole area. Brook green is definitely a good place to start.

Holland Park.

For a high-end living, Holland Park is the place to be. The place is packed with luxurious and glamourous mansions and other residences. Within close proximity, there are luxurious restaurants and well-maintained parks. For high-end customers with the right amount of money, there are nice mansions for rent I this side of London.

Belsize Park.

If you are looking for apartments to let near Central London, look no further than Belsize Park. Here, you get value for money with lovely single or multiple-bedroom apartments. With its close proximity to Central London and adequate presence of independent stores, bars and cafés, there is a reason why Belsize Park is one of the most sought areas for rent.


This is the ideal area for working class individuals aged between 20 and 30. With transport links all over the capital, it is easy to commute to and from the centre of the town daily. It has the best options for entrepreneurs of nearly all kinds looking to set up small businesses around the area. It is also ideal for white-collar individuals looking to spend a little less on apartments.


If you are on a tight budget, Blackheath is the place for you. This London Village has restaurants, shops, stores and a local market. You don’t really drive out of the village for supplies. What’s more, you can easily go to and from the town centre through London buses and the tube.


For students, Woolwich is an ideal location to rent. If you are not as lucky and miss securing accommodation placement by your university, there are plenty of student rooms and apartments at a pocket-friendly price and within very close proximity to many universities and colleges. It also has an amazing nightlife and easy transport links to and beyond Central London.


Living in Sutton is easy, with quick and easy access to street stores, shopping centres, schools and access to transport links that extend to Central London, London Victoria and Beyond, implying less commute time. It is a nice place to settle and start a life in your 30s. Moreover, the prices are not so high. This town is ideal for individuals looking for the calm out-of-town atmosphere.


Situated at a 25-minute drive from central London, Acton lets you live just minutes away from Central London. It is also popular for being the home of some nice schools for your children as well as The University of West London. If you are a student or young professional working in West London, you can secure low-rent accommodation in this area.


This area has something for everyone, from flats to large family homes. For larger families seeking to rent here, prices are low, ranging from £362 per week for 1-bedroom houses to £730 per week for 3-bedroom houses. From the heart of this peaceful location, you can commute to terminal stations within 11 minutes and that saves you time.


Ideal for family settlements, renting in Wimbledon sure has its benefits. Prices here are surprisingly low, averaging to as low as £493 per week for flats and terraced houses. Being only 12 km away from Central London, the fastest route from Wimbledon to London is only 14 minutes if you chose to commute daily.

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