Tips For Newbie Forex Traders To Get Successful

Tips For Newbie Forex Traders To Get Successful

Forex traders become successful by gradually acquiring skills and knowledge over a period of time along with careful analysis of the market and other factors of forex trading. The foremost thing required for a new forex trader is to learn how to trade properly and not rush things to earn quick profits. Here are some tips for newbie traders who have entered the world of Forex Trade.

Selecting the broker

It is important to devote a good amount of time researching different forex trading brokers to know about the policies of each broker and determine whether or not your trading goals and experience level match the offers made by the broker. You can read Forex Trading Guide on web .The trading software used by the broker must also be analysed and matched against your requirements. A good broker with a good platform is essential for successful forex trading.

Major currency pairs

Exchange rates of currencies are traded in forex trading. The exchange rates are quoted in the form of currency pairs. There are six major currency pairs which are most actively traded in the forex market. New forex traders should trade in major currency pairs. This is because the major currency pairs do not have very high volatility and are not expensive to trade. Major currency pairs are British Pounds/US Dollar, US Dollar/Japanese Yen, US Dollar/Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar/US Dollar, Euro/US Dollar and US Dollar/Swiss Francs.

Start with small sums

A beginner forex trader should begin trading with small sums and low leverage. The reason being less risk associated with small sums and low leverage. Less risk means more chances of making profit. The account balance can be increased gradually as the profits start coming in. Large account does not mean more profits so there is no reason to start with a large account right at the beginning.

Trading sessions

Currency pairs show most of the movements during their own trading time. Thus, the trader must be aware of the trading time of the currency pair that he/she is trading. 4 trading sessions in a day are as follows.

  • Sydney: Australian trading session (AUD, NZD)
  • Tokyo: Asian trading session (JPY)
  • London: European trading session (GBP, EUR, CHF)
  • New York: American trading session (USD, CAD)


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