The Key Features of Xero Accounting Software

The Key Features of Xero Accounting Software

Xero accounting software is one of the best software that you could corporate in your business. Unlike its competitors, it has a lot of useful features that can prove to be of great help to your business.

What Are The Key Features Of Xero Accounting Software?

There are a number of features present in the software, but in this article, we are mainly concerned with 3 of the main features.

  • The Dashboard: Dashboard is the first thing that you will notice once you log-in to Xero. With the help of the dashboard, you can keep track of all bank transactions, bank balance, bills, expense claims and invoices in real time. The interactive graphs in the software will let you know where exactly your money is going in and out of your business, the moment you add new transactions. The software also has a watch-list feature which allows you to monitor specific accounts.
  • Automatic Bank Feeds: Unlike the other accounting software, in xero you do not have to waste your time in manually entering all your bank transactions and then coding them into the different expense categories. With the help of xero all these administrative work is taken care of with its automated system. The data is automatically pulled out of your online banking statements and put into their respective categories by the automated system and thus, saving a lot of time.
  • Bulk Payments: The software also comes with a great feature that allows you to make bulk payments to your suppliers. The interactive graphs in the software will prompt you the bills that need to be paid once a supplier sends you his invoice in your accounts payable.

If you haven’t incorporated the use of xero services, then you should do it now for the benefit of your company. Speaking of which, xero accounting services Singapore are one of the most promising ones.

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