Stephen Schueler: Recognized by Financial Star with the Green Award

Stephen Schueler: Recognized by Financial Star with the Green Award

Stephen Schueler was recently recognized by the Financial Star for his personal efforts to help the shipping industry transition to cleaner fuel. His passionate leadership promoting green fuel and sustainable trade development is helping the shipping industry transition to cleaner fuel is an effort he takes very seriously, and The Financial Star Green Award serves to recognize the actions of those in the corporate world taking steps to significantly advance the development of sustainable environmental practices in business.

Stephen Schueler is the CEO of Enerjen Capital. Schueler has always focused on the sustainability of the environment and is currently making a tremendous difference with the upcoming shipping fuel legislation change with most commercial ships changing from 3.5% fuel to .5% fuel starting January 1st, 2020. Although this major change is necessary, it will impact shippers, airlines and miners alike, which is where Enerjen comes in to play. Enerjen Capital is helping shipping companies make this transition to cleaner fuel to continue supporting global trade. It is one of the world’s leading investment houses with a large investment portfolio focused on giving back to the Maritime industry including oil tankers, ships, and ports.

Stephen Schueler was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. He began working at Procter & Gamble (P&G) after graduating from Miami University where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in 1988. He subsequently graduated with his M.B.A in Finance from San Francisco University in 2002. Schueler worked for P&G all over the world in sales, management, and directorial roles across countries including South Korea, Russia, Argentina, and Venezuela until 2012. His last position was managing Global Retail Operations in Cincinnati.  Schueler then joined Microsoft as the Corporate Vice President, Head of Retail Sales and Marketing, where he helped launch Xbox One, Halo 4 gaming, Windows phone and Surface computers. Schueler then joined A.P. Moller, Mærsk, which is the largest shipping company in the world as Chief Commercial Officer in Denmark until 2016.

Stephen was also the CEO of the Safmarine Shipping Line, lead global sales & marketing and was responsible for the management of 384 offices in 114 countries around the world. Schueler then became the head of Enerjen Capital, a global fuel hedging company helping the shipping industry transition to cleaner fuel. Schueler also serves as a board advisor for Solyovo, Blue Agua, LumeNXT, and Warehowz.
Schueler has continually dedicated himself to creating a greener world.

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