Make Money Online: Get Paid Writing in 2018

Make Money Online: Get Paid Writing in 2018

We all know that most writers don’t get rich. But that does not mean it is not possible to earn income or get paid using your writing skills. In this article, you will learn how to take advantage of your writing skills and make some money. We will talk about different kind of strategies, how to apply those strategies and everything in between about content writing.

The truth about writing and making money out of it

There are a lot of advantages if you write for a living. One of this is you can choose where you want to work when you want to work, and who you want to work with. It is why a lot of people are attracted to what writing can offer, personal freedom and creativity. But to tell you the truth, being a writer, you should be ready for the practicalities of a full-time writer as well as the uncertainties, the self-doubt and of course, the rejection from clients. Writers don’t want to think about the simple tasks that make life as a writer possible.

Let’s be honest, and if you don’t act on your dream to be a writer, it will not happen. Clients will not approach and tell you, “you can make money writing a quality article for a year.” You have to look for it, not the other way around. Do your research; you can find reading materials like Make Money 2000 articles that can help you jump start your writing career and make money. You should have a solid strategy to achieve your goal and dreams. Vague plans always fail, you have to ground your ideas to make it happen, even thinking of the things you do not want to consider. It is not enough to say that you want to become a writer; you need to have a solid plan to go where you want to be. Listed below are the most realistic ways to achieve your goal to be an earning writer.

Write articles for journals, blogs and magazines

Even though most major publishing companies, online and offline, are experiencing content fatigue, they have to publish something to be relevant, or their company will die. It means popular magazines, journals and blogs will look for quality content and they are ready to pay for writers to get it. You need to find the right opportunity and understand the fact that success doesn’t happen overnight. Writing for major publications is still the best way to get paid as a writer.

Create collateral for businesses that need content

Creating quality content to build trust and credibility has become mainstream, in the last five years. More businesses are looking for writers and join the content game. Successful companies have a solid strategy, but there are others that jump on the bandwagon, hoping everything will pay off down the line. The content game created a market for many writers that can make specific articles for a targeted market. These businesses needed articles and case studies, and they have the money to pay for it. Breaking the market can be rough. You need to havecontacts to help you getstarted. You can use a popular freelance marketplace like to get the client’s attention.

Become a best-selling Kindle author and get paid

Becoming a famous author might be your destiny. It is more realistic to be a successful author today compared to the old days. Before, writing a book is almost impossible, what’s more, write a best-selling book. But with self-publishing websites like Kindle, your dream to become the next J.K Rowling or R.R Tolkien will not only be a dream but can be a reality. To be successful, you need to be business minded, and you should target a market with demands from the readers. You have to be more persistent because chances are, you need to publish at least a couple of books before you can gain traction. You also need sales from at least 5 of your titles before it can resemble a full-time income. But according to reports by Author Earnings, at close to 1,700 independent authors are now earning $25,000 or above from eBay and Amazon sales, and at least 1,000 of those authors saw their books published two years ago.

If you are serious about pursuing a career in writing, you have to decide what path you will follow. Content marketing, article writing, best-selling author or copywriter. If you feel none of those listed above is your calling, don’t worry, pick the closest and try for at least a few months. If you feel uncomfortable, it is just the price you have to pay for getting real.

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