How to Use ATM Safely?

How to Use ATM Safely?

A few decades ago we had to wait in line for us to get our paycheck. ATMs were actually invented more than a half of century ago, but because the security was not that great before, it was hard to keep it safe. Fortunately today, almost everyone enjoys the benefits of ATM machines.

There were many changes that was made over the years, and they focused on making it more secure by updating the software from time to time and even creating newer programs to make sure the customers’ data are kept secured from hackers. It is also great that there are security cameras on the machines today for our added protection. But that does not mean that it is always 100% safe, so here are some tips on how to avoid being robbed on using ATMs.

Crowded Area

The best place to use an ATM machine is in a crowded area. The advantages of these areas are that there is a smaller chance that someone will attack you and there are more cameras watching. When a lot of people are using it no one will try to do something suspicious because a lot of eyes are on them. The disadvantage is when the crowd is too large and you can’t notice who is watching you when you are putting in your pin number. So make sure that you are always covering the keypads when entering your PIN – it is actually a no brainer, but sometimes we tend to become too comfortable or maybe we’re in a hurry so we fail to do this.

It is also good to use ATMs in the morning when everyone is going to work and the chance that you get robbed is low. It would also be better to withdraw a little extra rather than getting the exact amount so you avoid the need to withdraw cash at night. Also, bringing a friend will be safe enough.

Drive-thru ATM

Drive-up ATM can be very dangerous because you are in your car and your movement is limited. It happens that a robber runs between you and the machine and grabs the card. You should immediately deactivate it but if you are in a hurry you might be in trouble. It would be better if you can get out of your car.

When you just want to use it quickly, make sure that your doors are locked. There were situations where the thief will wait for you to take the money and then go in the car with you to take the cash. That is more efficient for them because they don’t need to use your card.


Hackers are becoming better as technology improves so they are the biggest threat to us. Some of them are great engineers which they use to place some modifications to the ATM machines in order to copy our cards. More than a thousand people could be at risk of losing all the money they have on their account because of these modifications. If you know how an ordinary machine looks like then you can easily notice the difference. Read more on this page.

The part of the machine where you put in your card doesn’t have any cover so they put some device that looks like a cover but it actually works as scanner which can replicate the cards. If you notice something like that you should report it to the bank and they will contact the police. The information they collect can be used for many things even stealing your identity. Another thing they do is jab the cash dispenser. When you walk in the bank to report it they will just pass by and collect the cash.

Other Tips

Many people like to count the money after withdrawing cash, this is okay but make sure you are mindful of the the surroundings, especially when you took a big amount.  It could easily make you a target for robbers.

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Another way to protect yourself is to take a receipt when you finish the transaction. If you had a problem with the transaction you can use this receipt as evidence. Even if you get in a problem and don’t know what to do, you shouldn’t give your pin to someone you don’t know. You can always call customer service for information.

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