Grow Your Business with Quick Small Business Loans

Grow Your Business with Quick Small Business Loans

Timely financial assistance is a critical aspect of every business. This is more so in case of a small business which lacks considerable cash buffer to overcome short term liquidity requirements. The easiest and fastest option to grow the business is to avail a quick business loans.

Besides small business loans are available for a variety of business growth purposes: the expansion of existing business, extension into new business locations, entry into new business lines.

Some of the benefits of quick business loans for a small business are as follows:

Easily accessible

Business loans are easily available, and the approval process is quite simple with the advent of fintech companies, using extensive technology.  Further, the loans are sanctioned promptly, and custom made to suit the unique business requirements of a small business. There is considerable flexibility as regards interest rates, tenor period and other charges.

Zero dilution of profit, equity share or asset base

Unlike venture capitalists and investors who insist on an equity stake and a mandatory share in the profits, NBFCs never ask for profit sharing arrangement. Further, fintech lenders have done away with the collateral cover, which is mandated by banks. This way there is no asset dilution as well. They only expect timely, regularly repayment of the loan amount.

Tax Advantage

There are considerable tax benefits by way of business expense deduction towards the interest component if one was to avail small business loans. This goes towards ultimately reducing taxable profits and as a result the tax liability.

Loans to suit Diverse business needs

Fintech lenders only specify that the business loan is to be used for business purposes. Hence, there is considerable freedom for the business owner to apply the business loan to a wide range of business operations. The NBFCs do not minutely monitor the loan’s utilization.

The following are the ways in which one can use small business loans to grow the business:

Business expansion: Business extension involves huge funds investment. Hence one can prepare a business plan as to the funds needed at different timelines and approach a fintech lender for business loans.

Building infrastructure: Having adequate business infrastructure by way of building, fixed assets, godowns for storage of inventory, workshop or factories for production purpose, acquisition of land for construction commercial property is vital. As a business grows, the physical infrastructure needs also grow.

Inventory purchase: Having sufficient inventory in good condition is important in order to meet customer demand. Conversion of inventory to finished goods would result in a revenue stream.

Labor costs: A business loan can be productively used to hire experienced manpower. While this entails costs, the productivity and efficiency of the business will also grow. More hands to help would result in increased production and ultimately higher turnover.

Operating expenditure: A business loan can help meet operating expenses like accounting software, bulk purchase from supplier etc and any other immediate business expense.

Website development: In today’s digital age, technology has influenced and transformed the way business is carried out. Hence digital marketing of goods and services plays an important role in convincing potential buyers of the value of the product.

Invest in Marketing: One needs to have a foolproof marketing strategy and an agile marketing team in order to attract more customers, drive sales volumes and derive revenues.

Hence the benefits of small business loans to an SME is immense. The loan can find usage in diverse business functions. The above are indicative examples and each business can avail loans suited to the specific business needs. Further one can obtain financial assistance in a timely manner.

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