Debunking The Common Myths About Travel Health Insurance

Debunking The Common Myths About Travel Health Insurance

Surely you might have encountered certain myths about travel medical insurance. And also, because of lack of clear and complete information, you might also have created weird notions about the same in your mind too. Well, today we are going to bust certain myths about the same.

Myth 1: I am healthy enough and so I do not require insurance.

Well, let’s have a minute of silence before we continue. So, travel medical insurance doesn’t only cover your medical expenses just in case you fall sick or if you come across an accident, it also helps you in case of emergency medical evacuation and choosing a network of doctors and hospitals from across the world.

Myth 2: The current health insurance plan covers you internationally.

Until and unless you have it written down on the insurance papers and confirmed by your agent you definitely cannot make an international health cover claim. Most of the health insurance policies cover only when you are in the home country and become void when you travel abroad. Better get your insurance done on time.

Myth 3: You can add your parents to your existing health plan.

No, this is not possible. One cannot add their parents to their health plan because they are not dependents and hence when you have parents traveling across the country to meet you then you better get them insured. You can talk to your insurance agent about the same or can get help from Insurance Unicorn as it allows you to easily compare different insurance plans and choose what the best is for you.

Myth 4: Adventure sports enthusiast can have no travel medical insurance

Who said that? Though it is known that extreme sports enthusiast do find it difficult to find the right insurance cover but it isn’t impossible. One can easily find an insurance company that will customize the plan as per your needs and gives you the required cover that you need.

Myth 5: Medical insurances do not cover pre-existing health conditions

Though there is a high likelihood that a person suffering from some illness might fall ill when traveling but this doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t get the required insurance to deal with the same. Right from motion sickness to jetlag among other things that one suffers at the high altitude, one needs to take better care.

Hope we’ve got all your myths cleared up now.


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