Can 80 year old Senior get Insurance?

Can 80 year old Senior get Insurance?

If you are somewhere in your 80s and are seeking for a life insurance plan, then this is the time to act now. You may need this insurance so as to cover end of life costs, pay off debts or just want to leave your money behind for your loved ones. If you wait any longer it can seriously put you at risk of having to pay a much higher premium. There are many life insurance agencies that provide insurance for seniors over 80 plus. There are lots and lots of insurers that will issue you coverage that has no waiting period. You need to know that there are huge majority of insurance companies that accept only new applicants who are 85 years or younger. Above this age it can be very much difficult to secure new coverage.

You might be seeking for insurance that might have no medical exam as you are dealing with some health issues. The life insurance agency understands your frustration. They work with seniors like you all the time and they also know that seeking for life insurance for seniors over 80 is much difficult. Life insurance for seniors does not need any medical exam. Their goal is to find you no medical exam life insurance over 80. They can help you get started with the application process for your affordable plan.

Those you are younger adults they may get several options for life insurance, but for those who needs insurance at the age of their 80s have very limited option. Life insurance policy for seniors over 80 is designed to cover you until the day that you die. No need to worry about outliving your policy.

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There are funeral insurance providers who know and understand that your family will be facing a difficult and highly emotional time following the death of a loved one. Thus making a claim for your funeral cover benefit is often easy and simple. To make a claim all you need is to:

  • File a claim: You have to notify your funeral insurance provider if you intend to make a claim. Most of the providers will have their contact details such as phone number, email or mailing address available on their websites and on your original policy document.
  • You have to collect the required documents so as to process the claim. The documents include: complete claim form, death certificate, original policy document and policy schedule, and a certified copy of evidence of deceased age, proof of your identity, and proof of your relationship to the deceased.

Thus your insurer will assess the claim. If the insurer is making delay to process the claim than promised, then you can get in contact and follow up. You have to provide further documentation.

If you are willing to purchase life insurance for seniors over 80 then you can visit online many websites and can compare the rates of several agencies. So don’t worry about your funeral and get your life insurance policy now.

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