A Quick Guide for the Beginners of Crowdfunding

A Quick Guide for the Beginners of Crowdfunding

We cannot always stay prepared for any danger befalling us or any emergency which require huge funding. You might feel lost at these moments, especially if you have an ailing loved one to care for and no one to approach. While taking a loan, either from the bank or a peer may seem like the only option, crowdfunding may turn out to be a better alternative. Online crowdfunding platforms are the biggest alternative funding platforms, and a great way to collect colossal funding at the shortest possible time.

In this article, Crowdfunding India explains what crowdfunding is and how to reap its maximum benefits to the beginners.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a method of fund gathering that allows many different people to donate to your project. Online crowdfunding platforms like Crowdfunding India all work in a similar way by allowing the project creator to create a profile including a video, then upload a genuine account of their project, a goal amount and other supporting documents to prove their credibility. There are two types of Crowdfunding- Donation based and Reward based. Online crowdfunding works mostly on the donation-based mode.

The majority of platforms like Crowdfunding India take very small amount of registration fees or they deduct a very small amount from the funding you have received.

Why do you need Crowdfunding?

One of the biggest benefits of crowdfunding, except for the fact that it is crucial for fast raising of the findings – is that it creates a strong network of support for your idea right from the beginning. The donors will also work as ambassadors for your campaign and spread the word around.

If your story is compelling and legitimate enough, people will automatically empathize and come forward to support you.

How to reap the maximum benefits of crowdfunding?

The donors will donate only when they can find a purpose of the campaign, their contribution is acknowledged and they connect to the image of the campaign.

Crowdfunding India says that to make sure that your campaign goes viral; you have to spread the world around, as much as you possibly can. Share the campaign on every social media platforms; ask your friends and family to share the word around. Only when the campaign has received sufficient exposure, will it be able to succeed. Once it receives ample exposure, donations will pour in from every corner of the world. All the transactions are carried on online, so you won’t be required to go anywhere or waste any amount of time to receive the funds.

You also need to make your campaign look as attractive and professional as possible, so that the donors attention is not compromised. Crowdfunding India suggests that you use high quality images, videos, better content and as many social media shares as possible, send emails or texts to individuals. And once the campaign is over, make sure you thank each of your donors and reward them, not fiscally but through a public acknowledgement or a social media shoutout. This gesture of appreciation will impress your donors and retain them for your future projects.

For more insights and advice about how to start an online crowdfunding campaign, check out the Crowdfunding India webpage.

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