A guide for buying forex card

A guide for buying forex card


When you are a person to travel abroad, one of the most convenient options to carry will be the forex cards. Having them will ensure the availability of currency of the country and you may feel comfortable and purchase things. With great advantages, it is not a hard process to buy them. It is an easier process but you need to have them only from the authorized dealer or bank. Here is certain information that helps you to have an efficient card.


If you are the person to apply for the forex card, you must initially have the prescribed form and you to fill them. Having this form is the easier way, you may get them from the website of the dealer or bank, if not you may also visit the nearest bank to collect the form. Certain banks will also provide certain online applications to have a forex card. Other documents needed are:

  • Photocopy of your passport
  • Photocopy of air ticket
  • A cheque or debit instructions for the fund to be loaded including fees need to be submitted

Choose the type of card

Generally, there are two types of forex cards, based on the requirements you may choose the one that matches your needs. When you are leaving to abroad for educational purposes as a student you may avail certain discounts and insurance.

  • Single-currency: this is applicable only for one type of currency. You may avail if you are traveling only to one country.
  • Multi-currency: when you have this type of card you may use in different countries to purchase with different currencies.

Required information

There is certain information that you should produce when you are applying for the forex card like:

  • Personal details of the traveler
  • Date of travel
  • PAN and passport number
  • Type of currency going to be used
  • Amount of the currency needed to be filled in the card

On submitting clear information with the required documents you may have your personalized forex cards within 4-5 days.

Reloading the card

It is easy to reload your card when you need to reload them you just need to fill the reloading form and submit them with the cheque or a debit instruction for the amount that you need to reload.

Points to remember to have the forex card

  • It is not required to have an existing bank account in the bank to have a forex card from them.
  • The bank will provide you the online access to view the statements, funds and to reload the card.

Being the card to deal with various foreign currencies it is the simple process but makes sure you are choosing the right dealer and they are the authorized ones to buy a card from them. You may also buy forex card online in India without any risk and spending energy. Make use of the card and technology and have a peaceful time with ease in foreign countries.


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